February 2001 

Shipping Solutions 2000 version 5.1 includes expanded email capabilities

One of the most popular new features of Shipping Solutions 2000 version 5.1 is its expanded email capability. Users now have two options for emailing their documents directly from the program:

(1)  Users can send an entire shipment record to another Shipping Solutions 2000 user who can then import the data, add additional information or modify the information that was already entered, and print out a form or set of forms. This option is typically used to send data to a freight forwarder or another department or division within the same company that the user wants to be able to modify the shipping documents.

(2)  Users can send a single form or a set of documents in a format that can be viewed on-screen and printed by the recipient but can't be modified. This is the option users select if they wish to e-mail a document or set of documents to a freight forwarder, customs broker, bank or customer so they can receive and print a document immediately.

In order to view and print documents that are sent via the second option, recipients must have the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer installed on their computers. The Viewer can be downloaded free of charge from either the Microsoft web page or the Shipping Solutions Web Links section.

While neither email option currently includes the ability to embed a digital signature as part of an export document (see the article at right), InterMart is monitoring this emerging technology and is committed to making it part of Shipping Solutions as standard business practices develop in this area.

Shipping Solutions is America's #1 selling export documentation software. Thousands of successful exporters are using the program to save significant time and money preparing their export forms.

For more information about Shipping Solutions 2000 version 5.1 or to receive a free demo version of the software, call InterMart toll-free at 1-888-890-SHIP (7447), visit the web page at www.shipsolutions.com or send an e-mail to info@intermart-inc.com.


Delivering your documents electronically—and securely!

The Internet has become an incredibly useful tool for the export industry. Businesses now have the ability to communicate via email and transmit information to business partners almost instantaneously.

But doing business in cyberspace also means that anyone who has an Internet connection has the potential to wreak havoc. As more business activities move online, there must be some assurance that communications and transactions are secure.

A technology has emerged to address these security issues. Digital IDs are electronic codes—really very large numbers—that uniquely identify people and businesses to the electronic trading world.

By embedding a Digital ID within an electronic document, both parties of a transaction can be sure that a document is legitimate and has not been tampered with. These electronic documents may be contractual agreements or any other type of legal document that are signed with a Digital ID in place of a handwritten signature. They cannot be email messages or documents or PDF-type files attached to an email.

On June 30, 2000, President Clinton signed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act to promote the use of electronic documents and digital signatures. In essence, the act attempts to build the legal framework for substituting electronic documents for paper documents. It is the first step enabling businesses to exchange documents and contracts that contain legally binding electronic signatures. At the present time, however, there are still many legal and technical issues to be resolved before the technology is ready for widespread use.

While this technology evolves into a cost-effective and generally accepted business practice, Digital IDs can now be used to secure data and documents that are being transmitted via the Internet. One of the most popular and cost-effective methods is Digital ID encrypted email.

In order to exchange data and documents via encrypted email, all parties involved must obtain and install Digital IDs on their computers. The cost of a Digital ID varies from no charge to $14.95 per year and must be renewed yearly. Once installed, sending encrypted email is as easy as point and click.

Anyone sending or receiving confidential information should consider using encrypted email. For more details about the process or to obtain a Digital ID for encrypting your email, you can contact one of the following providers: Thawte Certifications offers free personal Digital IDs www.thawte.com/certs/personal/contents.html and Verisign offers all types of Digital IDs for businesses www.verisign.com/.

If you use Outlook Express, go to the Tool-> Options-> Security tab and click on the Get Digital ID button. This takes you to a Microsoft web page with links to several Digital ID providers. Installation is fairly easy and step by step instructions are available from the vendors websites.

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